When is the right time to add the flow hive?

I have currently 3 hives I started last year. All have 2 deep boxes for brood and a medium super for their honey. In my area they need at least one medium of of honey for winter. Currently the mediums on all 3 hives just starting to build wax on them. I’m estimating at least a month before the medium is drawn and have enough storage for the bees.
Should I wait for them to fill up the medium super before I can add the flow hive?
I’ll be removing the flow hive after the nectar flow.

I’m in Pennsylvania.


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When do you plan to put on the flow hive of you have one?

Are you intending to store the medium to give back to the bees for overwintering? If so, let it fill first, then put the Flow super on when you take it off. I don’t like storing full supers off the hive though - too much risk of wax moth damage, but maybe you have a method (like freeze and wrap in a sealed bag?)

If it was me, once I had the second brood box filled up, I would put the Flow super on top. Once I had my Flow harvest in, I would go back to the medium and feed if necessary in the fall. I am sure that others will have lots of different ideas though.

In my opinion, I would place the flow frames on once they get the mediums 80% filled just like a normal hive. I would also suggest making sure you are in your main nectar flow. Right now the queen is in build up. If you choose to not use a queen excluder, the flow frames make good drone cells. Ask me how I know! lol I have one of mine on my strongest hive, which I just had to split, and other than the left over drone cells they are filling it nicely with nectar. None capped yet but its coming soon. My flow is going to be at LEAST a month early this year and I hope it is an extended one!

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