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Getting rid of ants


It certainly works, but it worries me a bit as it will kill bees too. It is best if you can put somewhere to kill ants, but where the bees won’t go - like on the anthill. Even then, I worry about it blowing around - the insecticidal stuff is very fine powdery granules.

Personally I prefer borax mixed with fruit jam/jelly (or thickened fruit syrup - easy to make and cheap) in a jar with #8 hardware cloth in place of a lid. The ants can get through the mesh, the bees can’t. It worked in less than a week when put near the ant line to my hive.


My ZERO-ant stand
Mannlake stand (upside down) retrofitted with 3.5" to 2.5" exhaust pipe reducers ($3.50 each) from O’Reillys
I filled the cups with ball earing grease


Well done, now that WILL kep ants out:)


I placed 4 empty plastic coffee cans with a little mixture of canola oil and water, one under each leg to keep the ants out. Its been a great success so far.


Diatomaceous earth for pool filters was spread around the base support of one of my hives, test to see if it will as told stop crawling ants around under hive. Has been several days now and ann are way down but only a few dead bees on ground, just think old bees.


I am a fan of the method @Dawn_SD describes - I use sugar syrup with Borax soaked onto a bit of paper towel inside a small jelly jar with the ring screwed on over a double layer of foil with some fork holes punched in. I placed this right under the hive stand near where ants were marching up - they were sidetracked into it within an hour, and gone without a trace in a few days! :ant::ant::ant::dash:


That think looks like it’s ready to take off. Are you a rocket scientist in your spare time?


I use wheel bearing grease around the legs. It has kept the ants out.


I have got myself 4 old insulators, turned them up and will top up with oil. Put them in place tonight and currently just have water in them. (Wife not willing to let me use the cold pressed avocado oil :stuck_out_tongue:)


Mineral oil works very well, and any pharmacy will have it. It is cheap, and doesn’t go rancid, plus ants hate it.


To get rid of my little black ant and earwig colonies living under my hive, I use Little Creek Bee Ranch’s Beetle trap - https://youtu.be/a-TM1oII3-w2

Please note: This trap has a lid, it is only off for picture taking.

I have used this trap inside and outside the hive with great success.
I mainly use vegetable oil and honey.
Also trying diatomaceous earth food grade and honey - outside the hive only, just incase something gets out, I don’t want them tracking poison in the hive.

I sanded the outside to give them grip to climb in, but left it smooth inside so they slip inside and can’t get out.

I have not had any bee death using this trap.


Diatomaceous earth, insecticide grade, will kill bees too if it is tracked into the hive on some other insect. It sometimes claims to be bee-friendly, but it will kill them in the same way as it kills ants, cockroaches and other insects.


Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade will kill bees too. I probably should have mentioned I have already decided to discontinue using it. It gets damp and packed down in the container when it rains, which could mean insects are getting out and tracking it around. Plus it doesn’t appear to be as effective as the vegetable oil and honey.


Tried some Canola oil as the water was evaporating fast, and have found at least a dozen belly up in it :confounded:


Well I see that my block base may not be the way to go. Just noticed tiny ants and they are in a stream but are also all over the block base and onto hive. Just used what I had PAM sprayed all over the brick and along the edge of hive where it meets brick. LOL and smashed what I saw on the outside of hive. The vaseline or grease may work but may melt off, cant use the great traps I saw. Hmmmm… I get great ideas here and just have to modify. Wonder if sticky traps like I would put on my trees may work? Thinking out loud but if anyone has block stands looking for an idea for ant protection. Even if I put TerraBait under the frame in the holes of the block why would ants go th that and not the honey?


Then also would the terra bait get tracked into hive?


They might, but they might trap bees too. I like ant moats - mine are a simple home-made design. I have slightly improved the concept, but this is the basic idea:


If you are talking about Terro bait (commercial product), it could, but I doubt that it would. The reason is the way it works. The ants regard it as food, so they visit the bait trap, then head straight back to nest with their prize. I can’t imagine that they would go into the hive on their way home, unless their nest was in the hive - yes, I have seen that :sweat:


I use ant cap covers as used in the construction industry and so far it has been very successful.


How are you finding the plastic hendo 1944 i just bought some