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How to keep fire ants out of my hives

Hey guys… I have have a fire ant problem and now I have started seeing them near the entrance of the hives. Does anyone know a good safe way to get rid of them? I have heard cinnamon and sprinkled some of that around the ground under the hives. Just wondering if anyone else has heard of this or has any better ideas? I am will to try anything at this point they have already cased 1 hive away and caused them to swarm I don’t want to lose another one. Thanks

Try this thread for ideas:

I use AntCant spray on metal tape around my hive stand legs, or on (empty) ant moats. Expensive, but a little goes a long way, and it is truly brilliant stuff.

I read an entry on this forum somewhere that said artemisia the herb kept ants away. It was written by someone in Australia I think. It didn’t say fire ants. It spoke of the planted herb as a low hedge around of next to each hive. Not much immediate use to you but it may be for a few months time.