Getting the bees out of the Flow super

Hello all,
Front Range Colorado here am prepping for winter. I have harvested the Flow super and am now ready to take the super off.
What is a good technique to get the bees in the super into the hive body without inviting the pesky yellowjackets to feast on leftover honey in the Flow frames?

Use an inner cover below the super with a bee escape in it. Mann Lake sells them.


If you’ve already harvested then you can give the colony a couple days to clean up and then just leave the super leaned up against the front of the hive and the remaining bees will go into the brood box. Shouldn’t be much honey in there to interest the yellowjackets too much. And it needs to be cleaned out well before you put it in storage anyway.

You could take it off and lean it up at night and then go get it in the morning and rinse it out before the yellowjackets arrive too, if you’re worried.

Great thank you for you help