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Giant Rhododendron


Hi All,
My wife and I are in the beginning stages of beekeeping. I was all excited about getting our hive established, however our local beekeeping society posted an article talking about toxic Rhododendron honey. We have two giant rhododendron trees on our .75 acre lot. Do I need to plan on heat treating the honey to eliminate the toxin or will it not matter since we have a number of other plants that the bees can collect from. Any thoughts on this matter would be great


Rest Easy ; -)



Well Hot Dog! Thank you for posting this article. I do like the name “Mad Honey” though :slight_smile:


Me too!
…Sounds vaguely like a botanical Ecstasy ; -)


Fun documentary about it.


8 -O

Bee Hives.

In the house.

That is crazy .


Yeah I thought that was interesting. Also those giant bees are crazy. I esp was interested by the warning "ripples"they make with their wings over the surface of the comb


You know, I was watching that and all I could think was “That better be a REALLY good high” and “I so don’t want honey that badly!”