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Greetings from BC, Canada


HI all…I’m a newbee from the southern interior of BC. My husband has some experience with beekeeping but not one iota for me! We’re planning on buying a complete flow hive this spring - if our dollar doesn’t tank altogether. (We may have to buy the frames only, and get home-made or second hand supers). I’m soo excited, and already in love with the bees. They’ll be a wonderful addition to our little homestead and join our hens and goats, dogs and cats, and acres of wildflowers! See you around! :blush:


Mejeba, I am excited for you ! Even frames might be good. I don’t have Flow-hive yet. Sounds like good idea but still in watching mode.

I live in Western Washington not far away. You’ll be chillier than us often. I am returning to beekeeping this Spring. I’ve been busy making three full hive setups this winter n extra parts. I’ve also bought some good uses medium supers with floors n tops. These are just backup parts incase of some unexpected emergency in the future.

I’d seriously DO something ! You’ll
Probably need double deep or medium supers bottom n inner n outer top/lid … There are few basic supplies too plus I’d Order now as bees can get in short supply if you wait too long.

Get some basic learning with a good book or two, read article on the Internet n there are plenty of You-tube vids as well. Select those vids that are more your climb to really learn best for your region.

Here’s one of my complete setups I built n assembled, I bought one set n used for a pattern for the other two I made.

Good luck n get to it !