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Harvest Equipment Availability


Why doesn’t the company have harvesting equipment available? I’m thinking a manifold of tubing to connect multiple frames to a single downspout. etc


Because they are only just one year old… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yeah they just barely got finished producing the crowd funding products let alone putting out new accessories. I am sure all of these types of things will be available in short order. I don’t know if it violates any kind of infringement type thing but there have been some great home made versions that could go like hotcakes on ebay or something like that if someone wanted to produce them.


Hi Chet
If you look around in this forum, you can find at least two versions of 6 x flow frame manifold systems invented by clients within the past 2-3 weeks or so. Great inventions.


I have looked at those and was hoping for some shortcuts to save time trying to put something together or better still something available for purchase ready to use. I have a lot of irons in the fire in the summer time.


I totally get that, but knowing my bees, they will cap some frames before others. This is a problem in the traditional hive, because I have to wait for them to cap all of the frames in a super before I can clear the super and take the honey. However, in the Flow hive, I can drain the frames one at a time when they are ripe. I am not sure that I want a manifold flopping around if I only want to drain one or two frames. I am going for the one tube into a 64 oz mason jar per frame. Also, I have curiosity about the possible different flavors in the honey between frames. I can’t keep the honey separate with a manifold.

Just a few thoughts, but one or two frames at a time is fine for me. :blush:


This is what I am looking forward to. I am curious to find out if there is much difference in flavor between frames.


Now that sounds good Dawn. I will forget about this problem I made up for myself and go with that idea. Thanks,


If you have mint growing nearby you will know it when you get to those frames without a doubt!


Maybe it would be smart for someone to just buy an amount, then the excess they don’t need could be sold. I’m thinking of doing the tubing method, and I have to buy 6 feet. I was thinking of posting on here saying that if you pm’d me and discussed a price I would send them out to whomever bought it, but I’m not sure if that would be in violation of a rule.


I can go to home Depot or Lowe’s or West Marine and buy it by the foot. It’s not expensive or rare. Pvc joints are cheap too. It’s not complicated.