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Has my bee population dipped?

Helo all, from Victoria in AUS here. Last week I inspected my hive it had many bees, many bees in the broodbox, all the frames were filled and bees all over the top of the frames. So around 4ish weeks ago I put the super on. It took them a few days to start trying to fill out the super. I walked by every so often to see how they are going. Last week I opened the side window (I have a flow hive) and there would’ve been at least 150-200 bees going on that outer frame.

I theck the back end I see there are bees on every flow frame as well. 2 days I opened it to find only around 10 ish, and this morning none. It is a cold morning so there was little activity out the front. I pulled out the base board to find more than usual amount of legs/ wings.

What should I do? Should I inspect ASAP? It seems like a must

Was it also cold 2 days ago when you only saw 10ish? The reason I ask is because during cold weather, more bees are required in the brood box to keep the brood warm, then as the day warms up, the bees in the brood box will disperse up into the honey super.

If you think that a brood check is warranted, go ahead & do it.

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It was warmish around 14, but did have a shrap cool breeze, it is like that today. I might wait until it gets warmer, just the decline scares me

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