Hello everyone i am Ibrahima

Hello everyone,
My name is Ibrahima, passionate about beekeeping and honey production. Originally from Senegal, I am currently working on an agricultural project for my future retirement, driven by the desire to return to my passion for agriculture and livestock.

Having discovered your passionate community on Instagram, I am convinced that this is the perfect place to broaden my practical knowledge and positively contribute to the beekeeping world. I am open to any volunteer opportunities with local producers, ready to engage in diverse tasks such as honey production, all while learning hands-on.

If you have any advice, recommendations for local producers, or if you know of job opportunities in the beekeeping field in the region, I would be grateful for any information you could share. My goal is to learn and contribute meaningfully to this field that I am so passionate about.

Thank you in advance for your warm welcome and valuable advice!

Best regards, Ibrahima

Hi Ibrahima, welcome to the forum.

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welcome to the forum


Thanks you @JeffH I am delighted to benefit from your contributions

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Thank you @WayneChattillon I am delighted to benefit from your contributions