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Hello from Michigan


Hi Everyone. I’m a total newbie. Been interested in beekeeping for years and finally took the leap, My Flow Hive is due to arrive in February.



Welcome Brenda!

Read as much of the forum as you can, get some books on keeping bees, and join a local beekeeping club. Ask a lot of questions here - we are friendly and won’t ridicule you, there is no such thing as a stupid question.



You got a lot of mates here. A lota lota newbees. I have had my bees all of two days now and find them fascinating.


Hi Brenda, we will all learn together :grin:


I’m brand new as well, in the upper peninsula of Michigan. How do you guys clean the cappings from your flow hives? I’m planning on removing the frames for the winter this next season so that our brutal winter temps don’t destroy them and hoping to make some nice wax for balms and lotions.