Help cleaning wax from flow hive

AFB can be fixed with the careful use of antibiotics, just like us, our children & grandchildren can be fixed with the careful use of antibiotics. We don’t see any humans getting killed while antibiotics can make them well again.

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Hi Jeff - yes apparently oxytetracycline - but the Tasmanian guideline document does say that Tasmania is the only State where you can use that one for AFB. Not sure in other States.

Antibiotic use for AFB is described in this document:

Hi Faroe, thanks.
Yes, unfortunately this is the document that I couldn’t attach a link to, and is the one I have been referring to. I couldn’t figure out why it wouldn’t display and in the end abandoned trying to attach it to the post. It also seems to do it for your post. When I click on the link on your post it says, “the page cannot be displayed”. Certainly in that document it warns about using sodium hypochlorite on some plastics as I refer to above.

You don’t need to “attach” it. You just need to copy and paste the URL link to the pdf.
The forum automatically creates a pretty picture for you, for others to see and click on.

Hi there
Is it correct, that the flow hive frames cannot stand a steam cleaning treatment?

It depends on what you mean by steam cleaning. The plastic in the frames should not be heated above 70C. If you are truly using high pressure steam, that could well damage the plastic and I would not risk it.