Wax Moth in Flow Frames - Best way to clean?

I just pulled my frames out from winter storage and I had a wax moth infestation!! What is the best way to clean these frames??


Amy B

You can freeze them for a couple days to kill all the eggs, larvae, and moths and then use a jet of water to clean them and then let the bees do the rest. It might be worthwhile to jet spray them when open and closed. I think some people have even used a pressure washer on a low setting.

Don’t forget to clean out the collection channel. A bottle brush works well or a clean rag on a stick (or a crochet hook).

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Thank you! I didn’t know if spraying water into the cells would damage them or not. Glad to know it will be safe!

Did you freeze them before you put them away? Consider doing that next year and then wrapping them up in burlap or putting them in a Rubbermaid bin.

If you don’t have space in a chest freezer you could probably pick a freezing cold day to just put them outside (but not exposed to sunlight).

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Try with a vaccum cleaner before you freeze or get them wet. The webbing will be sucked up rather than becoming a wet mess


I have a set of 5yo Flow frames that belong to a customer sitting in my honey room, specifically waiting for wax moths to infest them. The reason being that these frames no longer work like they should on account of wax, propolis, cocoons etc. The honey is very slow to flow, plus a lot of the segments wont open or close.

Last year I discovered by coincidence that wax moths clean Flow frames up beautifully. In that case it took about 4-5 months for it to happen.

This client wanted his hive moved away for a period of time so he can get some work done near the hive. So hopefully I’ll have his Flow frames working like new again for him, by the time he wants his hive back.


I did freeze them. I stored in a clear tote with lid, but they must have gotten in through a gap somewhere. Pesty buggers

Excellent idea Adam!!

Interesting Jeff! I’ll have to see how the frames do this year compared to last year

Did you store them with anything else that wasn’t frozen, like the box?

I think it takes about 2 days to kill the eggs.