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Help for newbee


Got my flow hive set up yesterday. I have someone else’s hive in my yard and they swarmed this morning. Despite my inexperience I have successfully caught this early swarm.
But… It is swarming again!!!

I can’t contact the guy who owns the hive. Is it normal for a hive to swarm twice and it’s raining. The second one is clumped under the old hive? Do I need to do something. Or is something wrong?


If the swarm you caught earlier is an afterswarm (a swarm headed by a virgin queen) then yes, the hive may well swarm again and maybe even again.
Is there any chance this hive swarmed two weeks ago and you didn’t see it?
As for doing something…catch the other one and put it in a separate box.
The owner needs to look into his hive
Oh…and WELL DONE :wink:


Thanks for that. Yes I might have missed a swarm. How do I know if it’s a virgin swarm?


Look for eggs in three days
If you have a laying queen she usually starts laying as soon as she gets some drawn comb. I have caught swarms that have drawn a few cells in the box by the time I have moved them into a hive the following day and the queen has laid