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Help with Bee ID

Hi friends,

I am new to keeping and was wondering if any one could help me identify these bee-like things. I have seen them congregating near my hive on a few separate occasions over the last several weeks, always in the afternoon between 3-5. They are usually milling about underneath the hive or on the ground outside the front to it.
They are larger than my honeybees, have drone-like eyes, and somewhat shiny and pointy abdomens with different coloring. I have observed them for a total of probably 60 minutes and have never seen them interact with my honeybees.
I had initially thought they were my drones, but was able to confirm during my inspections that they are not. I did some research on bees local to my area (North County San Diego), but could not find any thing that seemed to match.
Could they be a variety of carpenter bee or wasp? Are they trying to rob my hive?

Thank you in advance!

They look like deformed honey bees. Maybe virus effect? What’s your mite count like?

I would send your photo to Jaime Garza - Jaime.Garza@sdcounty.ca.gov

He is the County Inspector and knows what is going on locally. They look like honey bees to me, but he is far more expert than I am! :blush:

@Dawn_SD I’m on it! Thanks so much for the contact!

@chau06 I am not sure of the mite count. My bees are the result of a package I just installed mid-April. I was planning to do some mite-way strips when I add a second box, which I estimate will be sometime in early/mid June. Do you recommend I do a mite count beforehand?

I would recommend a count.

Please update us on your findings and what the inspector says!

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@chau06 I’ll give the sugar shake a try then.
Thanks for your help! And will do!