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Hi from Port Adelaide (or very close to it)


Looking for information about overwintering in the Port Adelaide area and how much honey to leave in my super for my bees


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Welcome to the forum Yasmine, you will find lots a friendly folk here happy to pass on good advise to you and lots of reading.
I’ll leave it to chaps like @Semaphore for more local advice about what your bees may need over Winter for stores, just remember leaving too much more than too little is better for the bees and in Spring the remaining honey is every bit as good as the day it was capped so you can do an earlier spring extraction for honey for yourself.

Thanks Peter48,

I was considering harvesting a couple of frames…largely because it would be my first harvest and also because I need to do an inspection and that super is going to be one heavy baby given that all the frames are pretty well full (end ones not capped)

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Considering it is Autumn and most of the frames are full I would extract 2 of them now. that will give the bees work to do in foraging and making the repairs in the frames and there is still a good chance or those frames being full again when your Winter sets in.
It is a hard lift to remove a super when all the frames are full of honey, I have 6 frame flow supers and it is really a struggle, you do the maths with about 3.4 kg per frame and 4 kg for the box. Near enough to 25 kg’s including the bees.
Be kind to yourself and drain 2 frames, it will be a help.

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