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Hi Im Andy White in Fredericksburg Texas and am a Preservationist


I have Top Bars, Langs and other home made hives…also raise a great organic garden and Icelandic Chickens! Im the head of a ministry www.mission-go.com and we are based out of Greater Grace Christian Coffee House where the Flow Hive will be a tool in helping special needs young people.


I might be off topic, but what the heck is an Icelanic Chicken. I have visions of a little block of ice with a head wings and egs sticking out,


Slightly off topic, but, Icelandic chickens are a landrace breed from Iceland. I didn’t realize there were any being kept in central Tx. I keep chickens and have been resisting these so far. Having some so close might just make that impossible…
Naomi, San Antonio area.


‘Slightly off topic’…laughing… Oh my!

Seriously though, Icelandic Chickens are easy to spot - keep an ear out for their very distinctive “BJORK” clucking sound…

…time for a cider…


If you ever want any Icelandics I have a great variety just call me 830-456-3333