Hive Almost dead

The president of the local bee club doesn’t come 2 my place to check on my hive any more. He’s come to check about 4 times in a little more than a year. I get no response when i email him to please stop by. Checked the hive 2day and see plenty of 3/4" worms and their cocoons. Could someone tell me how bad the infestation is and what 2 do next please? I live in Lacy Lakeview, TX, beside Waco. Thanks

Hi Tim, sorry to hear your mentor can’t look in as often anymore. It’s a steep learning curve and we need to have support - glad you checked in here :+1:

Unfortunately with the worms and cocoons you describe, your colony sounds as though it’s being overtaken by wax moths. This means there was probably already a major problem beforehand, which allowed the moths to gain the advantage. Hard for me to say what happened there. Send some pics if you can and we’ll try to help you out.

For the time being if you can find the queen and any frames that aren’t badly overrun with larvae and webs, you could try to save your colony by removing the best frames and putting them into a new, clean box with some feed inside it to help them recuperate. Put the new box in the same spot and take away all the old equipment - it’ll need to be scraped and sanitized.

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I agree with Eva, show us some photos.

3/4" worms & their cocoons certainly sounds like wax moth activity. Sometimes hive beetle larvae will also be active, along side wax moth larvae.

It’s a bit rude of that bloke for not returning your emails, even if he doesn’t want to do any more inspections, for whatever reason. Does he require a nice gratuity?

No gratuity and pictures will follow today. Thanks for the info.