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Hive beetles again

Hello, well while watching the bees land on the landing board this evening, I also observed 8 hive beetles fly in and land on the landing board and try to walk in the front door. The bees attacked them and there were several bees on the landing board. Is that how it always is. I pulled out the core flute slider ant there were about 8 on it so I crushed all of them. My hive is strong and there are bees all over every frame and no evidence of beetle larvae. I do have 4 or 5 traps with mineral oil in them down the hive. It’s just crazy how many there are. It was like a hive beetle airport tonight.

Make sure your hive is strong and the entrance is not too large for the guards to handle. My hive works on a 15x1cm entrance all summer which is reduced to 75mm in winter. Let’s them have a chance to defend themselves.



I would consider my hive to be really strong at this point, lots of bees, brood , and honey. My entrance reducer is about 5 inches long by 1/4 inch tall. The entrance seems well guarded, the returning bees have to crawl over, under, or around to get in.

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