Hive flow in Italy

Hi everyone. I am new to beekeeping and I want to buy a hive flow. Is there someone in Italy who has a hive flow and can give me some information about? Thank you!

Hopefully @Helene1 also in Italy will find this thread, she is just starting out with bee keeping and I’m sure you would be a help to each other.


Thank you! I hope Helene will help me

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Hi Giacomoteda, after reading @Helene1’s thread, I don’t think she can help you much.

I won’t buy a Flow hive in Italy before I make sure that I can find and be able to confidently adapt nucs etc.

Flow Hives are a big investment, so do all your research before you buy it. I am mostly happy with mine, but it is the standard Langstroth that everyone else uses around here.

I really hope that someone from Flow themselves can clarify how you can adapt it in Italy. Unfortunately I do not see much input from Flow themselves here.

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Hi there @Giacomoteda and welcome :cherry_blossom:

There are several Italian forum members that you could find by doing a search - if you click on the little magnifying glass icon at the top right, and type Italian or Italy you should get a good result.

Good luck to you & let us know how it works out!


Thanks very much Eva!

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Thanks for your comment @Zzz.

I should first clarify that this is primarily a forum for Flow beekeepers to connect with other Flow beekeepers - queries for staff or product related queries can be emailed to

We do try to be clear with customers that we supply the hives without the bees, and that customers will need to seek their own bees from local sources.

Usually local bee clubs are the best option, as they can also provide insights into beekeeping in local conditions that may be very different to ours, and will have bees that are likewise well suited to local conditions.

We understand that Helene has had some difficulty sourcing a nuc in that her local beekeepers do not have Langstroth style hives, so have suggested some alternatives in either purchasing a package of bees or adopting a swarm. Hopefully one of these methods will be workable for her.

As we are based in NSW Australia we are only able to have fairly limited input into how customers in other countries around the world might manage their colonies in their regional conditions. Local clubs really are the best contacts for this information - hopefully supplemented by additional support from other members of this forum who may be near by.

If you need any staff assistance or product information please feel free to pop us through an email and we’ll be happy to help.

Ok, good to clarify. Thanks.

When I joined I was hoping to find more knowledgeable people from Flow to actively participate in the forum, like other company sponsored forums I participate in.

I had a look at the HoneyFlow Team Members here, and 95% haven’t posted for several years. Maybe you want to purge that list, it’s not a good look.

I do however like the community aspect of the forum.



Did you find any Italian hive owners in Italy?
live in Tuscany and I would like to buy two hives, but I would like to see the product before I buy them. Do you know if there are any that I could see in Italy?