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Hive on a summer day!


This is how my hive looks on the outside on an average day! Are all the bees on the outside normal on a summer day?


This is a photo, rather than a video, but I would put money on that being wash-boarding (Google it). Not thick enough for a beard. Definitely normal in any case. :wink:

Hopefully the jar is water, not syrup? :roll_eyes:


Yep, it does look like washboarding even from a photo - there are nearly even spaces between them, like they’re line dancing!

@Dawn_SD I think it is water in the entrance feeder, we talked about it the other day :blush::+1:


For me, it is like they are line-dancing and we are viewing it from a drone-camera. :blush: Typical washboarding teenage bees. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yup… after I asked the group about feeding I switched it to water! Though I think they preferred the syrup! Lol