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Hive Styling. 🐝

Outdoor Furniture Varnish
Inside Water Based Outdoor Paint

Outside Super & Brood
Beeswax & Linseed oil


I didn’t think you were supposed to paint or treat the inside of the roof/hives???

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Not treated, just painted.
(The inside anyhow)
We’ve been doing it for a few years now.
(Southern Tasmania Australia)
Absolutely no problem with honey production…
100% no mould or black mildew on the inside.
I will be giving them access to the roof space in summer.
Outside of hive roof is protected from weather, just like painting it. Wood grain was to good to paint.

PS. It’s 3:44am and you woke me up. :joy::wink:

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We recommend leaving the inside natural for the bees (and to prevent condensation) but pleased to hear it hasn’t been causing any issues and it does look awesome :slight_smile:

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Hey Freebee

  • Inside boxes are “O” Naturale :wink:

  • Outside boxes are my own…
    “Pure Southern Tasmanian Organic/Chem Free Best Air in the World Beeswax Polish”
    Tassie colder Winters/Autumn’s/Springs & really short Summers have led to a debate about lids, bottom boards, quilts, insulation etc…The water based paint on the inside of the roof will protect it against mould and mildew.

*Unfortunately the beeswax polish will lead to black mildew etc.
I’m prepared for this after a few seasons, and sanding back and repainting will be needed.

With an awesome woodgrain, I’m not prepared to cover it, just yet.

With the open bottom board and solid top cover …condensation on the inside of roof shouldn’t be a big problem.
If you need some of the purest natural formed wax in Australia, let me know, I’m happy to trade for extra Flow equipment. :joy:

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Hi there Gez. I agree with @Freebee2’s recommendation of leaving the inside natural. I however ended up having to paint inside the roof to seal it properly. I do not give my bees access to the roof.

Anywhere inside a hive (if you really have to paint) I would not use exterior paint, I use interior paint because it is formulated with much less volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Have a look at this, paragraph 4. It refers to humans but I don’t think bees are any different.

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Inside roof will be seasoned for next 3 months before bees go in. Only get a few really hot days down here so roof time will be limited. I’ve used a water based low VOC paint. Brood and Super boxes are all natural on inside. My own wax polish on outside.

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Natural Lol, with flow frames :joy:

Why is there such a large gap between the two boxes? Not good for keeping pests/weather out.

It’s the queen excluder.
No gaps


No worries, I’m just used to seeing steel excluders :wink:

I’m used to seeing no excluders.
Free to rome queens down here in Tassie.
But for the Flow :joy:

If you need some of the purest natural formed wax in Australia, let me know, I’m happy to trade for extra Flow equipment.

@Gez for any requests/suggestions like this you are welcome to email info@honeyflow.com and we’ll make sure your message gets to the right person and let you know :slight_smile:

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