Hive transfer from 10 frame to 8 frame

Hi all, first topic on this forum. I have a 10 frame Langstroth hive and I want to transfer the bees and frames into my 8 frame Flow Hive brood box. I am hoping that the outer 2 frames are not being used by the bees. If they are already using them I hope they just have honey and pollen in them, if so can I just freeze the frames and feed back to them in winter. Also should I keep the frames in the same positions? Cheers in advance, Jeffro

Hello and welcome to the Flow forum! :blush:

Yes you should keep the frames in the same positions if at all possible, but it would be fine to remove and freeze any pollen/honey frames. Good plan

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Hi Jeffro, I would not focus so much on the honey frames as much as I would remove the worst looking brood frames. The ones with the least amount of worker comb on them. I would also keep the frames in the same order & evenly space the frames. Avoid squashing bees between frames as a matter of importance, on account that beetles will lay eggs in the squashed bees that can’t be readily removed by the house bees. You might like to squash & strain any frames full of honey for yourself. Otherwise I agree with @Dawn_SD , there’s no problems with freezing it.

Keep your smoker going & use it to drive bees away from where you want to place frames in the new box, etc