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Holding the combs during inspection

I was wandering how do you hold the combs for inspection.

Do you hold them by hand or using the tool ? two hands ? top and bottom or sides?

I find them to be quite heavy and I was thinking of building some wood structure to allow me to move the comb onto it and allow me to inspect it without having to hold it (also giving a better opportunity to take pictures / video).

Is this something that is common? if anyone has something like this then I would appreciate a picture.


Have a look at this post Turning Frames for inspection in Beekeeping basics & type into search at top of page frame holders, lots there

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It depends. If they are foundationless and not attached on the sides yet, then you should be very careful not to turn the frame out of line with gravity or the comb will break off. If they are attached, you can do what you like. If you use a frame grip, you can hold it with that. I don’t generally use one. I usually hold it by the top bar ends.

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