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Some people you can’t help when they are not helping themselves. His bees seem to be at the bottom of his list.

I did a split of the elderly ladies hive yesterday and took the split out to my apiary. I am hoping I have not got the queen and when the new queen mates hopefully she will lay less agro bees from calmer drones,


Hello, I am a young entrepreneur/beekeeper and I was wondering if I could have some help and advice from the more experienced folk. I live in the tweed region and at the moment have 2 great hives working all year round. I also have a youtube channel called Tom’s Honey Farm (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRwiV-gLifnBbGuWeJZ2M-A - go check it out if you have time) and have a small business selling my honey. I would just like some advice and maybe promotion from you guys, of how to get my name out there and get more people interested and buying my local honey etc.
Thanks, Tom :slight_smile:


To be fair, he copped a few stings on the ankles as well as at least one on the head after he took his suit off inside, then came outside to talk to me unprotected. They chased him from the back yard to the front gate.

Maybe that left him a bit reluctant to go near the bees again, or at least go into the hive, who knows. He’s happy to harvest the honey.

His bees are the crankiest in my yard. I wouldn’t breed from his brood, I just used it to boost some nucs that got picked up yesterday.


Hi Tom,
I don’t think you need much promotion yet for your honey business. 2 hives’ honey will be gone in a flash. You’ll find that out pretty soon. The honey may flow in a torrent right now, but it doesn’t go like this all the time.
For a great honey business, first up you will need more hives.
Google two creeks honey and see what Roderick does down South. He is a great entrepreneur in this.
Good luck with it all. No matter how business goes, it’s a great rewarding hobby.

On a side note, in my mind, fishing and beekeeping are hobbies that go real well together.


Thanks mate ill take this into account :slight_smile:


With only two hives a sign on your front fence “Honey for Sale” or check out if a local Fruit and Veg shop is interested in stocking you honey.
I have 9 hives now and still expanding, I have no problem selling all my honey to friends and their friends and any surplus is being taken by a local fruit and veg shop.
Welcome to the forum where you will find a lot of friendly people and helpful advise.


Thanks for the explanation Jeff, that explains why he is a bit reluctant and scared of his bees.
I recorded 38mm of rain, probably a bit more than you got. It had brought bigger wattle trees into bud and that will back up as the earlier wattle flow drops off. Noticing a bit more of the gum tress flowering now as well.
I did a split of the mountain goat hive and made sure of my footing this time, it all went to plan. The warm scones, jam and cream afterwards went down a treat.


That’s only a guess Pete, he could be just waiting for his main colony to beard again before calling me. He probably hasn’t even given his split a second thought. He did want the split to be the start of his second hive in his yard. He might have gone cold on that idea.


I’m not disputing that off topic bantering and sharing of personal local client information is not entertaining or educational to some, yet, if one has no other means of communication, one could use the private messaging feature on this forum.
For new people trying to make sense on a certain beekeeping issue, it can be rather confusing to wade through off topic answers.
Just saying, keep it clean and crisp to the point for the new ones.


There’s a valuable lesson for all new beekeepers who did go to the trouble of wading through the off topic banter to make sense of the conversation:
“Don’t treat an experienced beekeeper you engage to help you with contempt”.


@Webclan left banter, as she calls it, on the thread about Adelaide swarming so I guess that doesn’t count with her off topic banter.
Just remember Jeff, you can’t please everyone and nor should you try.
Banter can still be interesting as well as helpful advise for those that can still pick up tips and enjoy the forum.


You are correct Peter. It IS difficult to please everyone. The good Lord knows how much I try.


I did the second robbing of a Flow hive last Sunday, all the frames were sealed five weeks after the first extraction. It all went very well.
Sold and delivered my first bee hive yesterday so now I am banking instead of withdrawing so the chairwoman of the board is coming around to me having a few extra hives :grin:
Noticing a lot of tea tree coming into flower now and a short walk in the heath at the state park I saw a lot of low shrubs in flower.
I bought a much cooler bee suit from Oz Armour in Granville (Parramatta NSW) that is claimed to be sting proof. Well made and thought out. I hate sweating up and unable to wipe it out of my eyes.
We are definitely into the Spring flow but not out of needing to watch for the need of doing more splits, I haven’t been caught out by swarming – yet…


Hi Peter, I got home an hour ago after returning stickies etc. to a phone call from a bloke who a few weeks ago was telling me about all the swarms (not his) he’s catching.

I cautioned him about chasing swarms while at the same time his own bees could be preparing to swarm.

Sure enough, now his own bees are swarming. He said “I caught the biggest swarm in my yard I’ve ever seen, it was massive”.

Just as well he caught it. Apparently it fit into 2 supers.

I don’t think we’re out of the woods yet. We’re only 11 days into spring, the bees are still in low gear. Wait till they get into a higher gear once the nights get warmer & the days get longer.

cheers for now


Went into my hive and two walkaway’s on Sunday. Lots of drones in the hive.
One split had eleven q/cells, the other only one that didn’t look great so cut out two to put in (mongrel job on plastic foundation that came with the nuc).
Having a look at the split this morning and intercepted a bee bringing out a dead virgin, so I’m hoping there’s one in there on a murderous rampage.
Hopefully other people around the area have got plenty of drones for mating flights.


Hi Peter, I wear a cap (preferred) under my suit, but a martial art headband will do and keeps hair and sweat off my face. Looks cool too.
Agree, nothing worse than sweat and hair over your eyes during an inspection.


Inspection day today. Original 5 frame hive has been slow to recover from the splits I took from it, it was booming with 3x5 frame boxes before splitting. In hindsight I put the third box back on too soon…oh well, live and learn. I’ve moved the two frames that have a fifty/fifty mix of drone and worker brood into the center position in the middle box to hopefully enlarge the brood nest size.
My hope was to have enough brood in time for the split transfer into the flow hives to give them both a top up to a full eight frames.

Good news on the two walkaway splits I did, both have queens with eggs and larvae present. I did my first queen marking today on one of them, the difference in colour of these sisters is amazing, the gold one is easy to find, the black banded one not so much so she got a dot.
One or two more weeks and they’ll be ready to move into their new accommodation.


That is one of the best photos of eggs I have ever seen. Great job everything, and thank you for the update. :blush:


After six days of rain the sun has poked out and the bees in the chook run hive,( this is one of my walkaway splits installed a week ago) are making the most of it.

The chook run and backyard are a quagmire.

The weather is predicted to be better from tomorrow so hopefully I’ll get a chance to install the other split into the other Flow hive.
My plan to take brood frames from the resource “cute” hive has been a dismal failure so it’ll be condensed back to two boxes(ten frames)- but that’ll allow me to get brood and food frames into my observation hive.
When life gives you lemons…:grin:


Mine are making the most of it too! I dropped the kids at school and went to my check my newly hived swarm who were doing orientation flights. Then home and looked at my main hive, seemed like about 1000 bees enjoying the sun poking out from the clouds doing their figure 8s, (hope the neighbours aren’t home :scream:) then my other 2 little caught swarms on the other side of my house doing the same. It’s a frenzy!
At least my tank is full :smile: