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Honey flow South East QLD


You may be right Adam, I don’t have experience with the Avocado pollinating scene apart from seeing bee hives in an Avocado farm on the Gympie/Tin Can Bay road.
Maybe the farmers want all the pollinators they can get in their orchard.


Yeah, my understanding is bees are just one group of pollinators, and a variety woks best (native bees, wasps, birds etc). Anyway, she’s happy to have them so I’m happy she’s happy.
Another swarm call today, at Bli Bli. I couldn’t manage it as I’m out of lids and bases but my friends are collecting them now. In the rain. Poor things (both them & the bees)!

Hive looks great @Brad13. If I was a bee I’d love that house…


Native bees, butterflies and other insects are pollinators as well as our Honey bee. Native bees are in decline as is the honey bee in Australia.
I told Maureen I was going to run 4 hives, I have trouble counting !!! Think it’s about 12 now and making up more boxes, frames, etc.for more splits. Maureen loves the rain, recons that is when she gets time with me.:smirk:


Brad, you aren’t a wood worker, your a craftsman. What you have done is really great, remembering back to you nuc box. All have been well thought out and craftsman made.


Thank you Peter, but I’m a long way from being a craftsman.
I"m doing the best i can on each project, making mistakes along the way but learning from them and improving each time.


Native bees yes, but honey bees? It’s my understanding honey bees are one of the reasons the natives are struggling.

Your new hives look great @Brad13, branded and all, nice one.


With so much mass spraying of insecticides and other toxic poisons I think both the native bees and honey bees are getting a hiding. After all they are feeding on flora and spraying to kill off weeds is done in back yards to broad acre farming in ever increasing amounts.
Cheers Skeggs


According to my observations, since we have honey bees, we have more native bees. Our insect population has definitely increased.
Figures, natives feed on diffferent flowers and are attracted by Hive smells.
No poisons here in foraging range, so it may be different than other places.


Perhaps you are just noticing more since you began keeping bees Webclan, I know I have . :wink:
Potential impact. There are many native plants which are relied upon by native bees which is also forage for ehb. There are also many native plants that rely upon native bees as a pollinator and ehb is unable to pollinate.
So much research yet so little.


There is a really good app for looking at native species in SE Qld. Can help to assist in planting bee attracting natives in your garden. Whether it is a tree or shrub or ground cover. - “GroNative” App, It is from Griffith University. Currently only app form, unfortunately no website


True, one sees more insects as an insect keeper.
Just remembered how many insects were caught on windscreens a few decades ago. That doesn’t happen any more.


that’s a sad fact: I remember as a child in the 70’s driving to the country at night- at the end the windscreen and headlights would be plastered with mashed bugs: you just don’t see it anymore. it’s a real worry- the world is changing before our eyes. Studies in Germany showed something like a 70% decline in insects since just the 1970’s. We are heading for a reckoning if you ask me- but our stupid Government thinks everything is fine- purely because they wish it was.