Honey pooling in flow frame trough

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I’m on my first season. I’ve got honey pooling in all 7 of my flow super frames, as per the picture below. Frames are generally between 50-80% full and about half of that amount is capped (more on some frames). I’m in central Victoria, Australia and summer has just ended here. It’s still very warm.

Any advice? Is this normal? Should I just leave it where it is until I’m ready to harvest - or could it spoil the capped honey?

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You can turn the caps that cover the channels and if it still does not drain, insert the flow tubes to clear the leak-back point.

The bees frequently close the leak back opening with propolis, this pooling is pretty normal and common.


Thanks for that - much appreciated.

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I would just add, do please clear it out before you harvest, so that you don’t contaminate your nice capped honey with something that may have been fermenting for a while in the channel… :blush:

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I would also add to do a sniff test on each frame before clearing the leak-back point. You wouldn’t want to feed rancid honey back to the bees. On that topic, you probably should do one at a time, so that the bees have time to consume the honey from each frame that pass the sniff test.