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Honey super installation

Hi everyone,

This is my first flow hive and colony as a new beekeeper here in Austin, Texas. I’ve attached a photo for your review. We used the key for opening and closing but this looks like a rather significant space between edges and I’m concerned. Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance,


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Looks ok to me. The bees will wax those gaps, which, depending on the population of the hive and the nectar flow can take some time.

How long has your new colony bee up and running? Did you start with a package or nuc, or an established colony?

If this is your first season, it may be too early to add your flow super but let us know your situation and maybe we can advise.

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Thank you — I appreciate it! We started with a full colony and kept the frame feeder in for a week, removed + added the additional frames, while feeding them with an external feeder. They’ve been doing well, building comb, and brood looks strong — so I thought it might be time to pull the feeder and add the flow super. Thanks for the insight regarding the gaps. I was worried I might have a premature honey flow! Lol

Went from this

To this

In a matter of weeks. I did melt beeswax and paint the frames though.

Yours actually look closer than mine did. That first picture was after a week or so. They will fill those gaps.


All your brood frames should be fully drawn and covered with bees before adding your super. They likely won’t work them at all until this is the case or, worse, they will propolize those gaps and make the frames difficult to harvest when the time comes.

If you started with a full colony I’d be inclined to add the super.