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Horizontal Flow Hive - The South East Scarp Solution


24 hours on and most of the girls have worked out were the front and back are.

I would expect that over the next few days, the only bees outside the screen will be robbers.

I have the entry closed down to one point only while the colony builds up, when this entry becomes congested I will sequentially open up the entry points.

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An internal view of the hive.
The vertical entry can bee seen at the bottom left of screen.
Note that it has a queen excluder, but does not have a cover to prevent workers entering and leaving the space.

The theory of leaving access is three fold:

  1. Any bees trapped in this space can escape.
  2. The bees will not worry about this space unless and until the encapsulated brood frames are full.
  3. When the flow frames are added it prevents the queen from accessing the flow frames.

I have a spare frame behind the camera and others on the opposite side of the brood area. I expect that when the girls start to get crowded they will move into these areas and start working the frames. At that time I will move the follower boards back and insert the frame into the encapsulated brood area.



How’s it all going Terry?



Hi Greg,

Thanks for asking :smile:

Via the video feed, the bee numbers look like they are increasing, that is to say, there is more activity on the outside of the outer drawn frames. I will be opening the hive up on the weekend to do a physical check.

While the hive is open I will be permanently mounting video cameras internally, to both ends of the hive, and changing out the current follower boards for an alternate design that hopefully will provide an improved view on the secret life of bees.

The current follower boards block the view of the bee space between the bottom of the frames and the floor, and the bee space between the front and back of the frames and the walls.

Currently, it looks like the bees are preferencing the top bee space over the bottom and I cannot confirm front and rear bee space usage due to the current follower board design. I would really like to be able to record the bee activity across all bee spaces.

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The internal cameras have been mounted. I ran out of time to finish and install the new follower boards, no rush on these the cameras were the key items.



A view from the back of the hive with the rear cover removed and bees installed, showing how the back is 100% bee safe.

The rear plastic plates align with the back of the flow frames.



Hi Team,

I have the live stream up and running… sort of…
Please have a look and give me some feedback.

Thank you



When I hit play it started at the 21:37 point, seeming to indicate a 1hr duration overall. Not sure why this was.

Quality is great though. :+1:



You can rewind the feed which is probably why it lists a time limit.

I am waiting for the girls to start building comb on the empty frame in the foreground, but filling in the hole is a start.

I can also switch to the other side of the hive however the bees seem to be favouring this side at the moment.



What camera are you using?



I’m using this camera



I comparison pic between the horizontal hive and the vertical hive on a warm evening.

It is clear that the vertical hive has the girls hanging out on the front veranda while there are no bees on the landing board of the horizontal hive. They are all hanging out in the foyer I provided them by designing a horizontal to vertical entry into the hive.

This is the view looking from the back of the hive toward the entry in the other picture.



The colony is growing fast now the flow is in full force :smile:

What was once stores being diminished is now being used for brood :star_struck:

The Secret Life of Bees

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Some interesting vision as the girls are growing and starting to build out a new frame with wax.

If you ever wondered how the bees make wax, this is the opportunity.

SouthEastScarp YouTube Channel

Take the opportunity to increase the resolution of the video by clicking on the Settings Button on the left side of the word YouTube on the bottom of the screen.