Horizontal langstroth hive

hi to all bee keepers, has anybody got a horizontal langstroth hive, ive heard its the best , can anybody help me please with more information on the hive, and where i could buy one.

There are a few posts on the forum of people who have built them and incorporated flow frames. Use the search feature to find them and once you have had a read hit us up with some questions.

For what it is worth I really enjoy my long langs and will be building another one. It will replace my first LL so that I have incorporated all the things that I find useful, including flow frames.


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I’ve built quite a few horizontal Langstroth hives. I don’t know of anyone selling them.


I don’t know what they charge for shipping to Australia, but these long hives have a good reputation and they do ship now:


I often find them for sale on Gumtree. I saw prices anywhere between $650 to $1200, depending on how refined and what timber is used.

You can also make one if you are crafty. Plans are readily available on the world wide web.

thank you, i will keep looking

thank you michael, i will try to build one if i cant find any good quality for sale , what type of timber do you recommend to use

its a beautiful hive, do you think 24 frames is enough

If you think about a Flow hive classic (8 frame Langstroth), in a subtropical to tropical climate, you could manage it with one brood and one super (16 frames equivalent). If you have long dearths or a slightly cooler climate, you would need a second brood box (24 frames equivalent).

The only thought is that in a horizontal hive, you would need to watch the brood space carefully, so that the bees don’t “back fill” (or side fill) areas that the queen needs to lay in. Shouldn’t be hard. I can’t see why it wouldn’t work, if you wanted to try it. :blush:

I’m going to give it a go , there’s a nice guy in northern beaches Sydney that makes them , I will have a look and thank you for the info

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What does concrete driveways have to do with top bar hives?

Nothing, it must of came up when I sent email on my phone

thank you . Charlie mobile 0413777239 www.concretedrivewayssydney.com.au

These guys seem to make beautiful and functional hives including long Lang’s. Orders are closed at the moment but worth having a look at their FB page. They are Vic based but selling to NSW and ACT.

Looks great , thanks mate

thank you . Charlie mobile 0413777239 www.concretedrivewayssydney.com.au

hi michael, do you use queen exruders in a horizontal hive, or a stopper board

I don’t use queen excluders in any of my hives unless I’m queen rearing or running a two queen hive. I don’t know what a “stopper board” is but I also have not used a follower board though it might be a good idea with a horizontal hive.

hi michael i meant a stopper board, im using standard bee frames timber, not flowhive, i think honey tastes better naturaly not in plastic