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Hot and bothered buzzing bees- should I be concerned about overcrowding?


My first season with my flow hive in southwest WA, so much to learn. Nuc was installed end of October, flow super was added when the frames looked 80% established. Bees took to the flow super well and lots of activity in there for nearly 2 months (yet no sign of honey in the windows). There has been times lately that they seem really angry and alot of bees are buzzing around the entrance loudly, should I be concerned? Is there something I need to do about this? Could it be maybe that they are too cramped and hot in there? Thoughts/advice would be appreciated.


Look in the brood box every week to spot swarm cells.
Have you a bee club anywhere you can get some beekeeping lessons?



Like Dee has written … pop the top n get inside. If your like me we sure don’t have X-ray vision … if your not inspecting your colony every couple weeks you’ll never know if they are close to swarming or how much brood or diseases/issues inside.

Let’s get cracking … no time to waste useless you want some local trees or bushes decorated with your Bee :honeybee:!

I have learn more by getting inside…

Cheers n good luck :four_leaf_clover:,


there are certain time of the day where there is increased activity- bees doing orienting flights and taking ablution flights. You will notice these periods occurring at roughly the same time every day. Mine usually do it between 12 and 2 pm. after a while the activity levels go back to normal. That could be what you are seeing- when you say they seem angry- so they actually attack you? Or are they just more active than normal? If the latter I wouldn’t say that they are angry. Angry bees attack you.


Thanks for that. Certainly not angry then, just busier. Has been in the hotter part of the day as well so maybe they’re just getting some fresh air!


Thanks, we’re going to have a look in the next few days.