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Hot flow hive! Grumpy bees


My bees have had a massive temperament change. Its a foot from a house window so we can watch them through the screen and the hive purfumes the house. Ive had bees there for years and they have always been very gentle. The hive is at full strength with lots of food and activity in and out. Now even my breath will cause a vigorous shake in the crowd on the landing board and 10-20 bees trying to nail me through the screen. You can smell the banna like pheromone when they do this and hear that thay are angry. How long should I leave them before requeening or waiting to see if they sort them selves out? I like to let them do their thing as much as I can. They are in a safe spot so the hive isnt a danger to anyone. They fly up a wall a few meters away and leave at about 3m and nobody can walk near them because I have lattice screening around the whole compound.



I’d personally be investigating when, where n how quickly I could get another Queen if they are still available in your region. I’m not sure where you are so my advice might be good if you are nearing your Fall now. I am sure someone in the better Know/more experience will be addressing this quickly too. You might help them by giving your general region as this is helpful with proper advice.

Gerald up here in the States.


My bees have been bad tempered out of nowhere then in a week at the next inspection have been lambs…
Has it been stormy?
When was the last time you looked in and are you sure they are queenright?


Sorry about the transformation! I am sure there could be a lot of reasons. One of them could be that you are a approaching a season of nectar dearth. There is a very well-written (and amusing) article about the effect of that on Rusty Burlew’s Blog:

She has some other helpful thoughts here:

If it was my hive, I would do an inspection for food stores etc. If all was well, I would consider requeening when good queens are available. If you are late in the season, that may be next year. :disappointed_relieved: Good luck!


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