How Close To The House Can I Put My Hives?

I’m sure this is all about judgment and common sense… I want to place them so that when the bees leave the hive, they will not be immediately near people or pets.

Like you said its all common sense. If you have room then use it but try to site them with the entrance facing away from the house and high traffic areas. You can put a barrier in front of the hive (about two metres away) that forces them to fly high when leaving and entering the hive to reduce their traffic effect.

One thing though is to try and pick a sunny spot, they will do better there.

I have one hive (captured swarm) settling into a box about five metres from my back door but I live alone and have no pets so its OK with me in the short term. They will be moved in a few weeks though.


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A small fence around the hive can also help deter pets and children getting too close to the hive unexpectedly, generally it is all about where the entrance is pointing. Although the bees can turn their flight path if something is to close to the front of the hive. –kieran

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