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How do I assemble a coreflute Nucleus box?


Today I purchased a couple of 5 frame coreflute nucleus boxes to have ready if I need them. (I also purchased a couple of 8 frame brood / super boxes, vases and roofs)
I have identified the indentations where I need to bend the coreflute, but not being an origami master, I am at a loss on how they fold to make the nucleus box.
I watched a couple of you tube videos, but they are for a different style of box.
Does anyone have a diagram which shows how to assemble these nucleus boxes?
I believe that the swarm season is in full swing in Perth at the moment and want to be ready in case I needed a couple of boxes.


I have found a set of folding instructions at this site.
I have assembled my Nucleus boxes.
One tip for newcomers, have the creases up when folding the coreflute, otherwise the folding will be very difficult.


Well done. Can I ask we’re you got the Nuplus boxes from?

Yes there is a lot of swarming going on. Good luck managing yours and catching what you want.



I am in Perth and got them from Guilfoyles in Midvale. Not a bad price, $15 each