How do I split my bee hive in spring? Step by step with Pete

In this livestream, Pete takes us through the step-by-step process on how to split your hive come Spring.

Each topic covered is bookmarked:

  • Brood Box Preparation
  • What makes a good frame for a split?
  • Why you don’t want many drones in your split
  • Capped brood and why it’s good for a split
  • How many frames do I split?
  • Drone filled brood frame example
  • Backfilling and swarms
  • If you miss the queen, leave a frame with eggs in parent hive
  • Space management in beekeeping
  • When would you inspect the hive again after the split?
  • Spotting the queen in a hive split
  • How to configure your blank frames in the new split
  • Cross comb, foundation vs comb guides
  • Queen cup example and an explanation
  • How to avoid bees returning to their parent hive
  • Adding new brood frames to the parent hive

How have your hive splits gone? Was it a breeze, or did you have some big standout lessons to do differently next time? We’d love to hear about your experience :slight_smile:

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