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How long before a new Queen starts laying


So I had to work away for the last few weeks and entrusted my hive to a local beek. Apparently he decided not to bother looking in on it and subsequently on my return I found 6-8 hatched Queen cells and no grubs, little capped brood and a heap of capped drone cells.
I’m hoping there is a new Queen in there somewhere but couldn’t find her, just wondering how long it should take a new Queen to start laying and where to go from here


If the drone brood is in worker comb, chances are you have a laying worker. You may still have a lot of unhatched drones in drone comb because they are about 4 days slower than workers at hatching. All of your workers have probably hatched by now. If you don’t have drone larvae in worker comb, I would give it another 7-10 days, then take a look for new eggs or even young larvae. Look in the area where the most bees are. Good luck with that, cheers


Thanks Jeff
The capped drones are all in drone comb so I will wait and check in a week.