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How to breeding stingless bee / native bees especialy Heterotrigona Itama

i’m tiaz from central Kalimantan, Indonesia, i’m beekeeping for 2 years especialy stingless bees / native bees Heterotrigona Itama ,
I have tried to breed it but it hasn’t been successful,
I hope that if anyone has information about the breeding of these stingless bees to share, according to the climate of each country, in Indonesia has 2 seasons.

Thank You

Hi Tiaz,
I don’t wish to offend, but you will get better information by doing a google search on"Breeding Stingless Bees".
I know there are a couple of members of this forum who have Australian native (stingless) bees, however the expertise here is with tradition hives and bees and Flow Hives in particular.

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Having 30 hives in 2 years of bee keeping is a success. As Busso says, this site is more about honey bees. I’m sure if you ask about you will find bee keepers locally with stingless bees.