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How to Clean a 'Borrowed' Extractor


My spring honey is ready to be harvested. As I won’t get my Flow Hive until the end of the season, I need to harvest the standard way with an extractor. I burrowed one from a friend and am wondering the best way to clean it PRIOR to harvesting. I don’t want anything ruining my harvest.

Any suggestions?


Apparently you wash with Cold water first to make the wax brittle and can flake or peel off. When the wax is gone then wash with warm soapy water.

Also there is a small ball bearing in the bottom of the shaft sometimes - don’t loose it.

Air dry


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Its pretty clean now, but was sitting in his basement, so its just a little dusty.

What prompted me to post the question was a comment I saw online that you can transfer disease from the previous hive, but I didn’t really buy into that. I just wanted to ensure that a got wash was all that was needed and it sounds like it is.


Hi Becky your on the right track with a good wash & dry. There’s always a very slight risk of disease transfer, but that also applies when you hand it back. The risk is both ways.


I take mine to a local car wash and spray it with the rinse only. It’s all clean in about 5 minutes. And since mine has all metal gears I put a dab of food grade grease on the working parts. Keeps everything free wheeling!


Hi Tony, what a great idea:)