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How to do a brood box inspection - Videos



Beginner Beekeeping brood box inspection with Louise

Including how to light a smoker

Brood box inspection with Cedar

Including a live Q & A with Cedar as he inspects the brood box.

If you have any helpful videos of yourself doing a brood box inspection, feel free to share them below :slight_smile: :honeybee:


Hi. Thanks for doing such informative video.
I’ve got a question here:

Are the irregular shaped cells normal? (Top right)



Looks like someone’s laying in your super Anton. :flushed:
Do you use a queen excluder?


Those are drone cells around the edge of a patch of worker brood. :wink:


what makes you think that’s a super frame Skeg? I just assumed its a brood frame with some honey at the top.

@Anton The ‘irregular’ cells are just capped honey (top edge) and drone brood (edge of capped brood)- and perfectly normal. Drone cells are bumpy and protrude- and capped honey does not always have a regular pattern to it.


Thanks guys. ^^
No that’s not a photo of my hive. That’s a screen capture while watching Cedar doing brood inspection. I’m still learning as much as possible. And I know there’ll be a lot more to learn when they’re here next week. Yeay! After one year of letting them hiving in my brain. ^

I used to be in Melbourne, but now residing in West Borneo.
Haven’t been able to find a local beekeeper here. We have Apis Dorsata in the wild here. And lots of different types of Trigona. So people are still harvesting from the forest. There’s no such thing as “hive inspection”. Haha

Thanks again.
Swarm regards


Well my degrading eyesight of course. Squinting it looked like a Fframe…:nerd_face:


Here’s another video showing the difference between the drone cells and the worker cells :slight_smile:


I also found this nice pdf while looking for some pictures of drone, worker and honey cells: