How to lift front of flow super for honey to flow out back?

I have one full flow hive and two hives that have regular langstroth brood boxes with flow honey supers. In the past, I’ve had problems when I try to harvest the honey where the honey doesn’t flow out the back of the hive, but I think pools in the hive because the hive is completely level.
My hives are on a fixed hive stand so the brood box sits level.
Of course the hives are heavy!
Does anyone use a jack or lift system they can recommend when they harvest that tips the front of the hive (either full hive or just the honey super) so the honey flows out the back when you insert the tubes and turn the key?
Thanks for your help!

You must be talking about Classic Flow Hives, because Flow2s have a builtin spirit level which takes into consideration the flow back when the bubble is central.
You could drill a couple of holes in the rear of the bottom board which will allow water & honey to drain out. Then you’ll be able to sit the hive to accommodate the flow back permanently.

Do you check the slider regularly? If you do, that should prevent the bees from gumming it up with propolis, which makes it waterproof & doesn’t allow water or honey to drain through, as in this photo.

I just stick a piece of 2x2 wood under the front half of the super or anywhere lower and go at the harvest. When I am done I take it out. In the winter I put it under the back of the baseboard to allow better drainage from the entrance.


You could just rock the hive back and shove a bit of thin plywood under the front. Use a spirit level and keep adding ply till you get the correct angle.

If its too heavy for you to rock just take off the top boxes and set the angle then put the hive back together. Its not a big deal or complex job but once done life gets easier.


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On 8f and 10f I just put a bit of 19mm wood between the hive stand and the hive when harvesting. I also have a long hive with flow frames that is ~140kg when I harvest and I use a car jack to temporarily lift the long hive for the harvest period.