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How to liquify rock solid honey

I have kept the honey stored in large 20kg pails.
It’s gone rock solid.
Any good suggestion how to liquify the honey without cutting it out of the pail.
I appreciate any good input.

Fred Oertli, Sydney

Hiya Fred, I just wrapped black plastic around a bucket and left it in the sun for a few days. It finished up quite runny but still had a few crystals in it so I could have stirred it and left it out a bit more but I’m not concerned as its next years mead. :upside_down_face:
From all accounts it will recrystallise again at the right temps though.


I do have this problem after the cool temps in winter. I have a wooden box with a light bulb at the bottom and a thermostat bought off eBay. I set the temp to 43C. Rock solid honey will liquify in 2-3 days with regular stirring…


basically what Rodderick said: you need to warm the honey slowly and evenly until all the crystals dissolve. If you don’t dissolve them all- it will probably re-candy fast.

My mum used a fruit dehydrator and sets the temp around 38C. From what i understand she never has to stir it? She recently uncandied some Ikg tubs fro me and they went from rocks to completely crystal clear honey.

We also found that honey made by pressing or spinning- that looks a bit cloudy- become incredibly clear if warmed to 38c. The difference is amazing

A lot of beekeepers use an old fridge and a thermostat and light bulb like Rodderick.


I bought a pet electric blanket and 2 pails will sit on it. Got it on EBay for under $20. Uses 20 watts of power so it won’t break the bank.
Most honeys will crystallize in continuously cool temperatures. It took 48 hours to liquefy my last lot of ‘solid’ honey.


Thank you All
Thats several good ideas, and I reckon they’re all goers.
If not, I’ll try one at a time.
Thanks again.