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How to manage the frames



Hi there all just got a few questions to ask regarding my beehive . So today I opened the hive for an inspection and all seems well. The brood box was very full of honey and brood . What my question is if this looks too full should I put a frame or too into the super and can this honey be extracted from there . And also if you remove frames that are capped from the super for a few days too extract honey , should you put new frames straight in to replace these or put the old frames back in once the honey extraction is complete kind regards


Not sure what you mean by

If you have a super on already (with QX) the bees will move honey up to the super frames.
If you don’t have a super on and your brood box is 90% full with honey, brood and pollen, then put a super on. Always put a full box of frames on unless you have “followers” to take up the space. If you have a box with only a few frames in you can bet you bottom dollar the bees will just build comb every which way and not in the frames.


Hi busso I have full hive with 9 frames in super wich are getting filled out I was just meaning should I take a brood frame or two and put it in super let them bees hatch and let the bees then fill it with honey .


Hi Chad, that’s basically what I do. I move frames up or down, depending on the circumstances. I like to keep the best looking frames in the brood. If a colony gets real strong, I split it. In that case I’m removing brood frames, with or without bees away from the hive.


I assume you have a QX installed, In the brood box the outer frames are usually used as a honey store and sometimes there is cells of pollen, I would leave that for the bees for when/if they need it to feed brood. I make sure I have stickies (preferably) or wax foundation in frames to immediately fit into the super to keep the frame numbers right. During a flow I have seen my bees building wonky comb in the gaps where frames were taken from when frames were returned the next day and a lot of their effort destroyed, so a lesson learnt.