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How to seal a desert hive?

Hello, I live in the sonoran desert and am having a hard time deciding on a product to use to seal my hive with before we get started. It’s generally very hot and dry here with the exception of the summer monsoons/rains. Some have recently recommended applying lindseed oil once a year. Is there a different non toxic option that will have less maintenance? I would love product and brand recommendations. It’s so much easier to learn from other’s success stories!! Thank you!

What kind of wood is your hive?

With the intense sun, you may want to paint it white to help minimize solar heating.


The white is a great idea. Can you recommend a non toxic outdoor paint brand? Or other sealant? The wood is “AUSTRALIAN ARAUCARIA (HOOP PINE)”. Thank you!

Any exterior grade house paint should do - if you’re like me, you have cans of paint sitting on a shelf in your house somewhere… I think the exterior grade paints are generally higher VOC that interior paint but once dry I think house paints are required to be non-toxic. Your best bet is probably to go where ever you buy paint and ask them what will hold up.