How to set up new brood box - Canberra Australia

I have had one successful year of bees. The set up is one brood box and flow hive and I installed a three quarter box to allow the bees to make food for winter storage (though I did not install the frames in a way to allow them to build comb correctly, ie I did not put in wire or anything like that). I took the flow hive off for winter. I’ve been feeding them sugar and water.

We opened the hive yesterday and found a healthy brood and very full. The three quarter box was a bit messy and we removed it as the comb was all over the place. I have another bee hive to set up in my backyard and the bee keeper suggested we take two brood frames from the old box and install in the new brood box and replace the old brood box with two empty wooden frames. He put the two full brood frames in the middle of the new brood box. We now have the new brood box over the old brood box. In a couple of weeks we will hope to get a swarm and separate the boxes to have two set ups

Is this a good way to set up the new brood boxes or have I ruined my very successful original brood box. Any suggestions

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I don’t know what you mean by “in a couple of weeks we will hope to get a swarm & separate the boxes to have two set ups”. Are going to do an artificial swarm? If so, I think that everything you are doing sounds fine to me.

Just refrain from using empty frames. You don’t want that crazy comb to contend with.

Thanks Jeff. Sorry I should have clarified myself. My bee keeper is going to get me some bees from a swarm and probably more than a couple of weeks, to put in the new brood box. At that point I will separate the boxes and have two distinct setups.

I think it might be wise too to fix the empty wooden frames with wire or something that will help them develop straight comb.

Hi Diana, properly fitted wax foundation is the best way to go, in my books.

Great thanks for telling me that. Do you use a particular supplier online you could recommend?

I get mine from Burnett Beekeeping Supplies up here in Queensland. You might have someone local that can supply it. Your beekeeping friend might be able to help you out with fitting it.

Thanks Jeff, you’ve been helpful

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