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How to store super over winter

Hi! After the recent rain in Brisbane, one of my hives has chalkbrood - about 30 per day in the tray. I’m hoping to inspect tomorrow but I think I’ll need to remove the super to reduce their space. About 4 weeks ago these flowframes were about half full. I’m wondering what process you use for storing flow super over winter. I’m worried that if I put them in an airtight container they’ll go moldy. Thanks for your advice. Jaye.

I’m interested in what other members have to say on the topic.

There’s this thread: Wintering your Flow Hive

My gut feeling is that you should take the super off the hive, harvest the capped AND uncapped frames, freeze (for 48º), rinse, and store the frames. Use unripe honey quickly (or make some mead) or store under refrigeration or freezing for later hive feeding or consumption.


What Alok said :+1: and I put the frames into a large trash bag then into the box, resting on a flat surface and covered with the lid and roof. This is kept in the shed, so it stays cold all winter. Haven’t seen mold yet. I remove them from the bag in spring and put sheets of parchment paper under and over. This keeps pests out but allows a bit of air circulation.


Before you make any rash decisions, you should speak to @Graeme1 . He’s in Brisbane & he’s predicting a winter honey flow.