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I had a really bad winter. Not normal for here

I’m on the Central Coast NSW I have had a flow hive since conception. This winter I was not able to rob any honey. I did notice the flow stores where emptied back
in autumn. They are filling up now. And I’m pleased to report my new 7 frame box is getting waxed out ready for storage. I’ve been able to harvest all year round in the past. But this year nothing. Till next week. Any ideas?

It seems that you are not alone. Many Aussie beekeepers have reported a crappy season last year, and a difficult winter this year. I hope you have a better season in the one that is starting now! :blush:

Probably the drought. Too dry for nectar and what the bees can get is simply used.


You may need to requeen that colony. The queen will perform the best in her first year, then slowly deteriorate in performance after that. I’m working on replacing my older queens at the moment & over the next couple of months.

This past 9 months has been really tough on honey production right across Australia. Record high temperatures and duration over the Summer, a lack of rain, it all made for a lack of nectar in the flowers. Up here there was the usual flowering that looked good but the flowers didn’t produce nectar. The end result was the bees had to reply on their honey stores to survive, at best, if they had enough stores. Lots of hives needed artificial feeding even before the cooler months.
I was fortunate in that I never extract all the honey from my supers and feeding wasn’t needed but this last Summer was the first time my hives made a dent in the stores, sadly this type of weather event might happen again.
My brother in the Mittagong area tells me that grass in his paddocks completely died out, and hives needed feeding. So it isn’t just in your area Andrew.

Not great in Sydney either, though up on the Hawkesbury there must have been a Winter flow, I took the lid off on Sunday and got shock… full to the brim. So some areas are performing well while others are really struggling.


The Hawkesbury was reliable for a harsh Winter climate generally but a mild Winter was great for honey production, especially up on the lower foot hills around Kurmond and Kurrajong. Sad to see the orchards of apples and stone fruit up to Bilpin have all gone and it is called progress… and are now non-productive hobby farms.
A great pic of a hive with every inch of space used.

There is a bit resurgence up in Bilpin, there are two Cideries that i know and a 3rd as well I think. So some heritages apples are making a comeback in a couple of orchards to supply these guys. (HillBilly Cider and Bilpin Cider) I do pickup a box of Coxs Orange Pippins every year when in season, just cause I love the flavour.

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Wow, you are a man of taste! I was introduced to those apples as a very young child by my favorite grandma. Ever since, they have been my most favorite apple. They don’t cook well, but fresh and raw, they are fabulous. Truly the best apple on the planet! :heart_eyes: :yum:

I’m sorry to hear almost everyone had slow winter. But in saying that I’m glad it’s not just me. Last harvest was mid march. It looks like I lll be harvesting in a week or so. So all is good Great to hear about the cider Fresh Bilpin Apples are the best. I don’t think anything in Colesworth is fresh.

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I can remember from Berambing to Cut Rock at Kurrajong Heights was all orchards and knew many of the growers that used my bees for pollination but they have all either left or pulled the trees out. Very sad to see and worse to see the Super Markets selling fruit for overseas. :thinking:

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