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I removed the flowhive box

New to bees. I have a beekeeper help the first year.
The flowhive frames were almost empty. I got only a jar full.
For the winter I removed the box, with the thought that this will make it easier for the bees to keep the hive warm. Questions:

  1. When should I put them back on? Mid-summer, earlier, later?
  2. Was it wrong to remove them in the first place?
    Thank you very much.
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Hi Luby & welcome! Your profile says Washington State, so you definitely did the right thing in taking the Flow super off for winter :+1:

If last year was your very first season with a new colony, it makes sense that you didn’t get much of a harvest. That’s the way it goes with almost any beginning colony in a temperate climate. So don’t worry - now that your colony has presumably survived the winter, you achieved a huge goal already! And now the Flow super is all waxed up & ready for your blackberry & apple season!

As for timing of putting the super back on, you need to ensure that your colony is -

Healthy, with the queen laying consistently

Built up to proper wintering capacity

Bustling with bees on all frames

Able to find LOTS of nectar out there :cherry_blossom::cherry_blossom::cherry_blossom::honeybee:

Do you know an experienced local beek who can help you with a more specific supering time?


Hi Luby, ditto to everything that Eva said.


Thank you very much for your detailed email and advice, Eva!

Yes, I have a “beek” as you called it (cool) who helped us last year.

During the few sunny days we had, the bees were happily flying on both hives. I will not bug them by opening to check, I’ll wait for the guy to come and see what’s going on.

Does replying to your email post to the forum too?

Stay healthy and bee positive!



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Great to hear, yep - beek is a cool term I learned here :smile: and yes, your reply and all others (unless sent as a PM) will post to the whole forum.

Thanks & same to you!