Inspection - confirming this is capped brood?

Hello all!

So it has been 2.5 weeks with the new swarm and did a weekly inspection today to check if there was capped brood as I saw eggs last week and hadn’t seen the queen yet.

All was well in the hive, the bees are pretty calm and have now started building on the final frame and only had to remove a single bit of burr comb between frames. I’ve attached a picture of one of 5 frames that looked the same with what I believe is capped brood, can someone confirm that I’m correct?

There were a few uncapped ones with curled up larva in them so that was also good to see.

Now I shall leave them a little bit longer til the next inspection due to knowing the queen is in there.

One other thing, there was a bit of moisture/condensation as it’s been really wet since I got them which has caused a little bit of mould at the other end of the hive. Is this anything to worry about at low levels or just typical until they start using the whole hive?



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Definitely looks like capped brood to me. I can’t be sure on the condensation issue but I think you are probably right that it will right itself as they fill out the box. Congratulations on your new colony!

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Looks like capped brood to me. I am also in Victoria (country) and my hive has a lot of moisture too. Hoping this comes good over the next few weeks of better weather.
Congrats on your new girls. Look like they are going great to me!

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Hope you are safe and well in these crazy times!!!

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Hello Peter I’m seeing capped brood in that photo and a good packed pattern. You could add a hive mat to stop condensation dripping on the frames if your really concerned but it will reduce with warmer weather and a drop in the humidity.