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Installing Spring Clips


Hi @Huey_Le ,

I was put onto it by one of my fellow beekeepers @Adam. It is actually a stand from Ikea (Lillangen Leg Frame Ikea 202.104.41) but it doesn’t seem to be available anymore in Australia. :tired_face:

If you scroll near the bottom of this thread, you will see I used this frame and added some wood supports.

An alternative may be this:

  • MrBear


Thanks, I will need to visit IKEA to see if they still have this leg


Would it be possible, or feasible, to use elastic bungee rope with hooks on the end instead of metal spring clips? So the same setup as in the original pictures at the top, with the three screws, but instead of metal clips, I use elastic bungee rope? :thinking:

Thanks :slight_smile:


it would be possible- but not as effective- and the elastic would deteriorate in the sun. Those metal clips are nice and tight when you do them up- elastic would have more ‘give’ I think… Also you would need very small bungees…


[quote=“Semaphore, post:45, topic:5736”]
the elastic would deteriorate in the sun
[/quote] Oh yes, that is something I didn’t think about. And your other points are very valid too. Hmm…

Thank you. :slight_smile:


Just a caution with the IKEA frame.
It is made from Birch which has a very low durability rating (class 5 less than 5 years) so may need extra paint/preservative or other protection.


I previously purchased spring clips on eBay in the USA. I need some more, but I can no longer find them either on eBay or bee supplier in the states. I looked at Hornsby-beekeeping.com but they are asking $1.40 each, and I can imagine that the shipping would be multiples of that from AU. I’m looking for State-side referrals of possible vendors. My alternative is to purchase spring ss and make some. Thanks for the assist.


Hi @busso, it is actually an aluminium base which I added some wood cross-beams to.

They are used for supporting bathroom cabinets so quite strong and durable. Being going well for 20 months now.