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Is Borax toxic to bees


Just mulling over the ant problem and having used borax to good effect in the house. What about elsewhere.
I believe borax would be toxic for bees…anyone know if this is the case.



Spot on.
It’s advertised in places as something to use to get rid of bees





Get a plastic container (tupperware?) drill a few 1/8" holes (3mm). Put a thin layer of 1:1:1 Borax:jelly:water in the container. Put it on the ground in the direct path of the ants, or better yet, follow the trail of ants back to the nest and put it on the nest.

Pest? what is this

Ah there’s the problem. We live on 17 acres of mainly trees and native shrubs. I can keep them at bay in the house and sheds (the little tiny ones love nesting in power points) but the bush is bush. I believe the 5 or so common varieties of ants we have all play a part in the ecology and have their role to play. I just don’t want them in house,sheds or in the bee hive when it arrives.



Each year at my house, the ants come and then the ants go. They’re like honey bees; they find a food source, report it to the nest, work to harvest that source. Maybe put a food source outside that they can use?