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Is Old Masters 100% Tung Oil safe?


We are ready to coat our flow hive and want to make sure we aren’t using something that will be harmful. Here is a link to the MSDS for the product we are planning on using. Is this safe for our hive?


Best preservative treatment for new cedar flow hive

yep 100% Tung is perfect - some dilute with Limonene


I was concerned because the MSDS lists Stoddard solvent and and Methyl ethyl ketoxime.


I think you are right to be concerned. That MSDS shows that they are allowed to put other chemicals in the mix, without telling you how much - “Trade secret”. Hmmmm… Stoddard solvent is a petrochemical distillate, and I wouldn’t want it on my hive. MEKO has toxicity has not been studied in humans or bees, that I could find, but it does cause problems in rats when given in high doses. Again, I would not want it on my hive, which is contact with food (honey), especially as it is water soluble.

Can’t tell where in the world you are, but I would try to find a true Pure Tung Oil - it is out there! :slightly_smiling:



Has anyone used Hope’s Pure Tung Oil on their hives ?


ME!! MEE!!! :smile:

Good stuff, and low cost from Amazon.



Thanks for the reply. I am in New Jersey. I’ll just have to order it online. Thanks again.


It comes pretty quickly. Suggest you don’t buy more than you can use in a day or two. It cures by reacting with oxygen, so if you have a half empty bottle for a week or two, it will partly set in the bottle and become useless. Eight to 16oz should be plenty for a hive.



Bought some. Applying to hive today : )


Yes, I used this. I ordered 1 pint (about 1L) from Amazon, and it arrived in Australia about 2 weeks later. Cheaper than anything I could buy in Australia, including the postage.

1L easily covered a full brood box and super with 3 coats with plenty left over to spare. I did 3 coats because my nuc hand’t arrived yet, so I had plenty of time. And I liked the smell.

Use a rag to rub it in, not a paintbrush. The paintbrush meant lots of drips and waste, and did’t penetrate as well. Rubbing with a rag warms the surface from friction, and allows the oil to penetrate better. Its also standard operating procedure for woodworking, and more gutsy/visceral/fun. Note that tung-oil soaked cotton rag can spontaneously ignite if left bunched up after, so spread it out when finished.

Mt weather was warm (30 degrees C) so it went on smoothly without solvent. I noticed in the cooler mornings it was much thicker and more difficult to apply, so I waited till it warmed up. If you are applying in a colder environment, you may need to dilute with a natural solvent.



Oh my, that is SO beautiful, I could almost cry! :blush:

Your bees are lucky girls (and some boys too), thank you for sharing this.



Or rinse in lots of water if you are not in drought - the oil is water-miscible. :wink:


oh, and by the way, 1 pint is 16 oz, which is a little shy of 0.5 liters (500ml).


UK explant to US, still doing conversions for weights and liquids…


My mistake (US translation: “my bad”).

I ordered 1 quart (about 1 L) not 1 pint. About $25 shipped to Australia.

Seriously, when will the US and Liberia join the rest of the modern world and switch to metric?


Its not usually like this in January in Australia - normally, the ground is brown and crunchy from the heat. We have had a very mild and wet summer.


On further reading, I note that Liberia and Burma are now switching to metric, leaving the US as the only country in the world not to use metric in day-to-day use (I know that scientists and engineers in the US use metric).


Araluen, Your hive turned out great. Just completed Hope’s Tung Oil treatment on my hive. Will be doing a second and third coat on the roof and open grain areas. Very pleased with the end results. I didn’t want to use it until I got the green light from some of the forum users.


along the lines of using tung oil (just ordered some from Amazon. Thanks!). Should I oil the hive before I put it ll together? and do I oil both sides of the wood (inside of hive and outside)? Never been much of a wood worker before , so this is all a first time thing for me!



Just the outside is needed. You’re trying to protect the wood from moisture on the outside. I put the oil on mine once it was together, but just the main pieces. For example, just the 4 sides of the box were together. I didn’t have any of the extra hardware put on. I oiled those separately and then put them on. The wood might swell up if you put the oil on before building and make it harder to put together. The smell to me is amazing, but i love working with wood and stain/oil.


Thank you for the help. I like “odd” smells, so I am sure it will be a easy enough to take the time to do it. Thanks again!